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About the Stylist

Meet Tiffany Jackson, born in Rota, Spain but raised in the south. With southern roots and a dash of northern charisma, she has always had a love and passion for art. After attending The Art Institute of Atlanta, she continued her education in Augusta, GA and completed her business degree at Paine College. She then pursued her studies as a Master Cosmetologist, obtaining her professional Georgia license.

Art·ist /ˈärdəst/ -  a person who creates art using conscious skill and creative imagination.


The Foundation

Undenounced to her, it all began from the footsteps of her late grandmother, Josephine "Josie" Walton. She started her cosmetology career as a married, mother of five, also working as a nurse. In a small salon built next to her kitchen, Josie would shampoo and style the hair of family members, close friends and other local men and women in her community; whom would all eventually gravitate to her skilled hands and hard-working, spicy personality. This would later motivate her to open her own cosmetology school in Jackson, Tennessee.  In addition to following those footsteps, Tiffany encounters the foundation of love and humble beginnings through the roots of her great-grandmother, Lessie "Jane" Merriweather. Where family come together for any occasion, greeted by the fire flies and the long roads of the country. Where the whispers are low between the walls but the laughter is loud beyond the sirens passing the city train in the summer. It's because of the long goodbyes and forever 'see you laters' of her family that she appreciates the little things in life and is encouraged by her faith to have hope in the future and continue to help others.


The Journey

At Josie Jane's, we encourage embracing your curls, loving your locs, and holding dear to those beautiful coils. We take pride in using clean, vegan, and naturally derived products as the salon's approach to a healthy hair journey.


What was once only an idea, has now become an admiration of goals, dreams, and visions of growth. Growth to help others, dreams to spread self- love and goals to enhance true beauty, through the mind, body and soul. 

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